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Welcome to the website of BV Security 2000 Kft.!


BV Security 2000 Kft. -founded in the year 2000- is a business association owned exclusively by hungarian private individuals. The association is managed directly by the owners. The professional executives and consultants of the association each have between fifteen to twenty years of experience with working for armed forces. Trustworthy and efficient work is also achieved through seasoned service staff with years of experience, who directly supervise and oversee the personnel.

The main activity of the company is safeguarding and security, namely the unarmed or (in special cases) armed protection of premises, real estates, office buildings, shops. Above that, the associates of the company have acquired great experience about organizing, supervising and professionally overseeing the securing of locations, people and organized events. Personal protection - naturally - is tailored to the expectations of the client, as long as those don't compromise security and safety.

We are also available for deploying and running electronic security systems, professional education (classes) about security activities, fire and work safety services and comprehensive cleaning services. The selection of our employees is conducted through an application system. Applications are screened, and we make our decisions according to the available data regarding the task at hand. After being selected, the individuals are called in for a personal interview. Employment is only possible after sufficient competence is confirmed. Every employee of ours has a clean rep sheet and - in accordance with the Jan 1, 2012 changes to Act 133 of 2005 - a valid personal and property prtection security permit.

The association has the necessary official police permits and proper insurance required for its assignments. Since our founding, we have been members in the Chamber of Bodyguards, Property Protection and Private Detectives. With the help of our many years of experience, according to the respective risk, we acquire the proper equipment required for the assignments from confirmed suppliers who own the proper MABISZ (Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies) permits.